Its that lovely time of year, where the sun is starting to come out and we can emerge from our caves and soak up some Vitamin D. I have started this journey because I am not happy with myself and I want to feel healthy again!


The Stepford Husband: Circa 2009.

That being said I have now had 3 sessions with my personal Trainer Andrew Barmann. He is quite fantastic, and will be training for the 2020 Summer Olympic Swim team.  I think I bagged a good one Darlings.
Andrew Barmann A.K.A El Diablo: Don’t let the baby blues fool you.

Andrew will now be known as El Diablo, affectionately of course.

What on Earth possessed me to put my body through this torture? So I don’t look like a beached whale by my pool, on the beach or between the sheets.

OH MY GOD I have literally been in hell though.  I started this adventure like a lot of you, I imagine, having seen the inside of a gym some 6 years ago, I’m tired, feel puffy and with the aid of various crash diets somehow maintaining a 30″ waist jean and a hurt shoulder.

The 1st Day I did legs, not so bad, I’ve been working them out moving my pudgy self around.

The 2nd Day, I did lots of cardio things, arms and some weird awkward moves and motions that I am absolutely positive I looked utterly ridiculous and with the weird positions I felt like I should be in a bedroom not a gym. I also felt like vomiting driving home.

Today,  we did primarily chest and abs, thankfully I know a majority of these moves, so didn’t feel so awkward.  My body however, has obviously forgotten.

Nap Time

I took a 15 minute nap in my car in my parking garage.  My Darling neighbor was kind enough to capture this before waking me up asking if I was ok, which I replied with a swift, ‘I want to die!”

Please, Darlings I need your strength with me while I go through these dark beginning shadows of getting back to fitness and back to the lovely tanned body of a God…I’ll honestly take something close, aim high or go home.

~The Stepford Husband


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  1. Wonderful first article David. Looking forward to many more.

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