Hello Darlings!!!!  I had my fourth Training session on Friday and ugh, I can’t tell you how utterly exhausting it was.


Take it from me, do not smoke…No I take that back don’t even thinking about smoking the day before you do legs, you will regret it and you will come to an inch of death!

If you are like me, and you have to do any sort of running I would much prefer to do it outside in something people call Nature, V.s. doing it inside on a treadmill.  I have always felt sorry for Gerbils.

I met El Diablo at the this gigantic mass of an apartment community called Park La Brea!  This place is literally a giant maze with trees and flowers. Now if I have to run I would much prefer to do it here.

Now, legs are not as easy to work out as one might think,  El Diablo had me doing some very awkward movements and trust me I definitely felt the burn…one in my legs the other from the eyes of every friken Squirrel in this lovely neighborhood.  I kid you not, I saw one and then they just seemed to multiply like rabbits,  Running across my path trying to trip me only to scurry up the closest tree and laugh at me with their bushy tailed buddies.

I believe my form is quite on point.

Those squirrels better watch out, I have the skills to turn them into a jock strap.

Now, I don’t mind running, don’t get me wrong, its just not as easy when you have been out of it for so long…I believe my running form is quite on point though if I do say so myself!

All in all I must say that yes I am enjoying this, I knew it wouldn’t be easy but seeing the reactions from all of you certainly helps this cow get through it!  I hope I am in someway inspiring some of you to join me, let me know your stories I would love to hear them!!!!

~The Stepford Husband