Boo. Who are you? Who, who, who, who? Well, it may be the catchy words to an old song, and if you’re going to a costume party anytime soon, it’s your chance to become anyone you want to. But when it comes to getting dressed every day, you have the power to express yourself and wear anything you want to wear.

But what if you don't really think the clothes you wear reveal the true you? And furthermore, you don't even know what your style personality is? Conjuring up a wardrobe that works for you and reflects the "real" you at any one particular time in your life is one of the best treats you can give yourself. 

But where do you start to redefine your image and find the clothes that not only make you look great, but make you feel great, too? As the renowned decluttering expert and author Marie Kondo says, if your clothes don't "spark joy" every time you wear them, it's time to rethink your wardrobe.

After years in the fashion business, I've found that there seems to be some basic "style" categories that most women will identify with. Yes, we may need a "reboot" during our lifetime, especially at certain times of major change ... careers, divorce, family responsibilities, retirement, etc. And yes, lifestyle plays a big role in how we dress, so that will also be a factor to consider. But when you find yourself looking in your closet and honestly finding "nothing to wear" actually sparks that joyful feeling, ask yourself some questions, and then start getting to know yourself. The goal is to create the best version of your own personal style. 

Here is a very simplified list of the four style categories. Obviously, there are many variations on a theme and many of us will be a combination of more than one, but the characteristics of the following profile images will help you kick start a new approach to discovering your dominant style.   

--Classic. Clean and simple, tailored clothes are the basis of this wardrobe. Most of the pieces you collect are timeless and elegant. You're not afraid to buy quality clothes and accessories because they last for years. And just because you like the more traditional side of fashion doesn't mean that you can't be a little edgy, too. Think white shirts, straight trousers, sharp menswear suits, plaid or tweed jackets, trench coats and shift dresses. Basic neutral colors fill your closet -- black, navy, charcoal and camel, and maybe an accent hue or two, like red. You gravitate toward ladylike accessories -- classic leather handbags, equestrian-inspired boots, loafers, pumps and pearls are your go-tos.  

 --Sporty. Classic personalities often have some of the "sportier" aspects of this style category. But if you're more of a sporty type, you usually prefer a more toned-down, casual approach to your fashion choices. Khaki's and jeans may be your go-to everyday uniforms teamed with T-shirts and blazers or knit jackets and sweaters. You embrace the ath-leisure trend and may show up to work in a pair of dressy sweatpants, sneakers and bomber jacket. This year's ath-leisure trend is much more "glam-leisure," with more of a retro feel harking back to '70s ski-wear. Think striped sweaters and quilted puffer coats.

--Romantic. This fashion personality is one of the most whimsical dressers you'll meet. The current bohemian trend is right up your antique alley...the fringe and feathers will be flying. This fall, you'll love flowing skirts paired with chunky turtleneck sweaters or a floral maxi dress teamed with velvet boots.  In fact, you would live in velvet if you could. For an instant eclectic update, team sheer, organza blouses with flared denim jeans and a fuzzy furry jacket or slip into a slinky slip dress and top with a leather jacket. Toss a slouchy hobo bag over your shoulder and you're set to go wherever your free spirit leads. 

 --Avant-garde. Drama is the name of the game if you're the avant-garde style type who makes an artistic statement with everything you wear. You usually live in black, and your favorite weekends are spent haunting art galleries to find the latest, boldest jewelry, metal cuff or hand-painted scarf, since stand-out accessories are the focus of many of your fashion-forward looks. You often make a beeline for the nearest vintage market on the weekends just to see if you can add a one-of-a-kind bauble to your collection. Colorful, graphic-inspired designer coats and jackets are your splurge.

So, who are you? Anybody you want to be! You may not be just "one" style personality, (those are just a few suggestions) but when it comes to fashion these days, it's true that anything goes. The bottom line? Do your own thing and wear your own thing...and well, just make sure there is some joy in your fashion life.

Avant-garde style personalities love wearing artsy, graphic-inspired designs like this shearling coat by Sandy Liang, (